Educational Games for Schools


U.S. Constitution

Get your class ready for the big, end of the year test on the US Constitution. Our 20 minutes games, suitable for any class size, are the newest, most exciting way of teaching your students with critical thinking and hands on learning. 


Revolutionary War

Wanting to cover the events that led up to the Revolutionary War? We have the perfect game to cover the timeline of events, from the Townshend Acts to the Boston Tea Party. Your students will get the hands on learning and skills to be fully prepared for their upcoming test!


Many more educational games available upon request!

Sin Cal Mobile Escapes presents a series of unsolved crimes...

High School SweetHARTS

Your friend has been arrested and in prison for 7yrs, for the murder of High School SweetHARTS, Jack and Diane. You must find the evidence to prove his innocence and hopefully find out who the real killer is.